The original title-is “i spied withe my little eye”, but D seems not to satisfied with that title, so he change it up very soon, haha. In my opinion, the previous one are better, idk lah.

Hey hey, my favorite games, spy fall. It’s an easy game that you could play with your friends and family. You just have to log in to http://spyfall.meteor.com/ and then you will see this


Ehehe, you could see me using google translate for better verb 😀

Then you should click new game if you are the first person in your group who enter the game. Then the rest of the group will join your game with typing the access code.


Let the battle begins!


You have 8 minutes to guessing who is the spy between your friends. How to play it? each of you can ask a question that will relate with your location. The one who get the spy role have to guess the location with just hearing the conversation around them. Its really tactical, because you cannot guess correctly which the spy is (if she/he are too good at lying or lucky) and its hard to guess the location too.

Have a question? Ready to go? Not yet? Then watch the other spyfall series from Node! ^ ^



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