English Please!

Hello hansips, this is me, fira. I know its too early to post something

Maskot hansip?

(my daily post-time is above 11 p.m hehe), but there is something that i want to tell you guys. Or at least share something to you guys.

For you who indonesian and have already read my NODE post (part 1, 2 and 3), you will know whats going on. After my package going in one of NODE’s video, i recieve huge of appreciation from foreigns people in instagram. Later i realized that my wordpress  unexpectedly visited by them too! Not just US but european and japan, and other countries.





Maybe its because i add my wordpress link onto my wordpress, and then they come to visit. But, the problem is, all of my post were written in bahasa.

Which is not too popular among the world.

Such a dissapointed, for them, maybe. That’s why there is no one left any comments in my post, haha. So sad. Really sad.

I wanna try to write everything in english, to improve my grammar and vocabs, but.. you know, i just embarrassed with my language ability hehe 😀

*But i will try, just like when the first time i commented in every youtube video i watch 🙂

Actually i have my english-wordpress, its http://www.dearcharlotta.wordpress.com, but i just get bored to write there, because nobody visited >.<

And so, because of that, i think i will make a bit change in my wordpress. Spending holidays, haha. Another fun post will come soon guys!

See you, bye!


P.S : Ada yang bisa saran postingan apa aja sih yang harus kutulis pake bahasa inggris? hehe 😀




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